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Innovative louvered vents for trucks

March 11, 2022

National Plastics & Rubber have developed a polyurethane axle louvered vent – a lightweight durable alternative to steel truck air vents.

What are louvered vents for?

Louvered vents have a wide range of applications – from air-conditioning systems in apartment buildings to exhausts on mining trucks. Generally, louvre vents find applications wherever there is air flowing out of a vent where there is exposure to environmental elements that may impact airflow. Louvered vents aid in ventilation.

What are truck ventilation louvers?

National Plastics & Rubber specialise in the designing, developing and production of mining products, as such we have taken a focus on providing a solution louvre vents on trucks and louver vents for large vehicles.

louvred vent | louvered vent

How do louvered vents work?

Louvered vents work by creating a shield against unwanted particles. The slanted blades filter out unwanted particles – including dirt, dust and even water – while the gap in the blades still allow an airflow out.

Using these characteristics of louvered vents, NPR have developed a louvered vent specific to suit truck axle exhaust vents. We understand the important role louvered vents play in protecting mining trucks and purposely designed this vent­ to be non-corrosive and impact resistant.

How do you make a louvered vent?

Automotive louvers are typically made from steel. Stainless steel louvres are used where permanent ventilation is required. While steel louvre vents are common practice as car louvres, they may not be most suitable for large haul and dump mining trucks.

Steel louvre vents have the potential to be damaged more easily on mine sites – from scratching, denting, and reversing into things!

NPR specialise in making louvered vents from durable polyurethane. Polyurethane presents many benefits, when compared to stainless steel vent louvres. The flexible and durable nature of polyurethane ensures these louvered vents protect the vent housing by absorbing high impact. Read more in our what is polyurethane blog.

These purpose designed louver vents suit the rear axle exhaust vent on a select range of large mining trucks, including Caterpillar and Komatsu haul trucks.

National Plastics & Rubber’s commercial truck louvre vents are the ultimate cost effective solution to protecting your trucks rear vents.

Don’t bother with a louvered vent cover – go straight to NPR’s louvered vent – the lightweight durable alternative.

NPR has a range or mining truck equipment and protects to enhance your truck fleet – view here.

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