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Dragline audits Australia

March 28, 2022

What is a dragline?

A dragline is a piece of heavy machinery commonly used on mining, civil, or earthmoving sites. Typically, attached to the front of dragline is long boom from which a cable and bucket are hanging from. The bucket is swung and dropped a considerable distance from the machine, and is filled with overburden as it is retracted.

What does a dragline do?

Draglines can have many purposes. Commonly, drag line operations are used to remove overburden from mines, dismantle and transport materials.

Where are draglines used?

Dragline excavators are used in surface mining and coal mining, however some may be used on large civil engineering sites, such as road or port constructions, to move overburden and other materials.

Marion 8050 - large dragine - drag line - dragline excavator

What is a dragline operator?

A dragline operator controls the dragline by managing the levers that manoeuvre the machine and bucket– this includes lowering the bucket, dragging it along to bit up the materials, and emptying it.

Working on or near draglines can be a dangerous job. In fact, in November 2021 a Queensland man died while performing cable relocation work.

How many draglines are there in Australia?

Draglines have gained popularity within the mining industry over the past 20 years as the preferred method to remove overburden. While it is difficult to quantify exactly how many drag lines are in Australia, it is estimated there are over 70 are in operation at coal mine sites.

At NPR, our sales team travels nationally across Australia performing dragline inspections. During a dragline audit, our team will examine the drag line and determine which of our mining dragline parts and products can improve its service life, and increase the productivity of dragline operations at your site.

Dragline audits

National Plastics & Rubber offer an opportunity to have your drag line audited. Our knowledgeable sales team will come on site to perform a dragline inspection and identify where our products can improve your draglines.

Whether you’ve got small draglines, old draglines or the world’s largest dragline – NPR’s site audits, and associated products, can help extend its service life.

We understand that the price of a drag line can be an expensive cost – that is why we strive to provide the highest quality aftermarket products to ensure its longevity.

Our dragline products protect the machine from the bucket and ground engagement tools, all the way to shoe alignment.

Browse our wide range of polyurethane shovel and dragline products, including wear pads, impact pads, and rollers. Polyurethane is durable material designed to withstand tough conditions, such as those found on mining sites. Read more about the benefits of polyurethane in our what is polyurethane blog.

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Contact us today to organise a dragline audit or inquire about one of our dragline products.

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