National Plastics & Rubber has a proven and trusted range of dragline wear parts – used across Australia and the global mining community.

Our dragline components are designed to increase the service life of your machine by minimising wear and tear – and ensure the safety of workers across site, particularly dragline operators.

View our range of dragline excavator parts and products below. Our products are currently suitable for Marion, Bucyrus and P&H draglines. Contact us today to discuss custom dragline products suited to your machine – we can design and manufacture products for even the largest mining dragline.

These products are purpose designed for the civil engineering and mining industry, particularly surface mining and coal mining. Our mining equipment has been rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand all environments and conditions.

Mining products are our specialty and our vast experience in products, material properties, and mining processes is why the top mining companies rely on National Plastics & Rubber to improve their processes while providing cost-effective solutions.

Click on the interactive model below to view our mining dragline products.

Shoe Area
Tub Scrapers
Dyna Veins
Tri-Structure & Mast
Hoist Rope Aperture
Swing Motor Components
Lacing Protectors
Boom Area
Cable Feeder Rollers
Drag Chute
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