National Plastics & Rubber possess the skills and facilities to design and produce quality manufacturing products. We have the capacity to manufacture industrial plastic, rubber and polyurethane solutions for your production process. 

We have produced a number of products for leading manufacturers across Australia – including: Centrifugal Cast Sheets, Custom Moulding, Small-medium Rollers.

polyurethane solutions

Examples of our work

polyurethane critical production roller

Polyurethane Production Roller

Recently we worked with a large manufacturing client to recoat their 6 metre, 11 ton roller. Impeccable coordination, quality control, and manpower were required to successfully pour over 300kg of polyurethane under time constraint. Read more.

Separate hydraulic hoses in production and manufacturing

HoseMate™ – Eliminate External Abrasion

HoseMate™ is designed to separate hydraulic hoses required in manufacturing processes. Use the innovative hose clamp to position hydraulic hoses used in production assemblies, and ensure hose separation to reduce the risk of a catastrophic hose failure. Read more.

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