Aerochock™ 30

Aviation Wheel Chock - NPR05228-00

Our Aerochock range has been developed to prevent unwanted movement of aircrafts which can cause catastrophic events. Its lightweight design has the added benefit of helping limit workplace injury.

Manufactured from slip-resistant, durable polyurethane.

Currently used on:

Boeing: 737-800, 747, 767, 777 & 787
Airbus: 320, 330 & 380

For Aerochock™ suitability refer to our Fitment Guide

Protect your asset! Aircraft safety starts from the ground up.

Read more about aviation wheel chocks on our blog.

L 540mm (21.25")” x W 225mm (8.85") x D 165mm (6.49")
5.3kg (11.7lb)




English Brochure

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Aerochocks™ are manufactured using the same technology & material that we use to make our highly successful world class vehicle wheel chocks. National Plastics & Rubber’s Aviation wheel chock is suitable for use on a wide range of aircraft as well as GSE.

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