We specialise in producing polyurethane, rubber, foam and industrial plastics items.

We can manufacture your existing product or help you create a new one. Our team can work with you from the design stage through prototyping and production. Once we understand your specific needs, we can offer the best materials and the most cost-effective manufacturing processes available.

Utilise the experience of our team to choose the best polyurethane, rubber, foam and industrial plastics materials. Take advantage of our innovative production methods and tool designs to gain an advantage in your industry. – contact us today.

Brisbane polyurethane, industrial plastic & rubber product manufacturer


National Plastics & Rubber is one of the largest manufacturers of polyurethane in Australia. We produce a wide range of compounds from the very soft to semi rigid in polyester, polyether, TDI and MDI compounds. We have precise equipment to facilitate production of high-quality products. While we specialise in large volume production, we can also produce small quantities at competitive prices.


At National Plastics & Rubber, we offer products in a full range of rubbers to best suit your application.


To complement our castable polyurethanes, we manufacture a range of flexible and rigid polyurethane foams. These materials offer a lightweight option that may be more suitable or cost effective in some applications.

Industrial Plastics

National Plastics & Rubber offers a full range of industrial plastics including nylon, polyethylene and PVC. These materials can be supplied as finished machined products or as stock material in sheets, rods and tubes.

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