FRAS. FIre resistant anti-static

FRAS requirements

December 9, 2021

Don’t risk it – use FRAS. National Plastics & Rubber manufacture high quality fire resistant anti static – commonly referred to as FRAS – products for underground mines.

Fire resistant anti-static (FRAS) materials are required on underground mining equipment to minimise safety risks, occupational health and safety hazards, and importantly, underground ignitions.

Reduce the risk to employees

Both the fire resistant and anti static components of FRAS products play a vital role in minimising the risk of a catastrophic event.

The fire resistant capabilities of FRAS mining products prevent underground equipment and materials from continuing to burn once alight.

Whereas, the anti-static materials of FRAS products seeks to protect employees from electric shock, and stop flammable gases from igniting.

As a result, FRAS mining materials severely reduce the electrical resistance of mining equipment.

The composition of National Plastics & Rubber’s FRAS certified polyurethane is suitable for use in underground mining, coal mines, and other areas where fire resistant anti-static materials are required.

FRAS requirements

FRAS mining materials must meet prescribed standards and certification to ensure an unacceptable level of risk is not presented to employees.

Queensland FRAS requirements

Under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation (Qld), certified FRAS products are required on conveyer belts, drum lagging, brattice, ventilation ducting, separation stopping for a primary escapeway, or temporary stopping in undergrounds mines in Queensland.

It is a requirement of the site senior executive to ensure fire resistant antistatic materials are used on the required equipment and location, and acknowledge the use of FRAS products in their site risk assessment.

In response to recent testing by the Queensland Mines Inspectorate, a mines safety alert was issued in September of 2020. This alert seeks to raise awareness of risks, prompt assessment of current FRAS equipment, and detail the requirements of site senior executives.

New South Wales FRAS requirements can be found in a safety alert issued by NSW Resources Regulator in October 2020.

National Plastics & Rubber manufactures high quality fire resistant antistatic underground mining equipment. Our FRAS certified polyurethane meets all FRAS standards, and can be used to molded into your required FRAS product. We offer a range of components, colours, and products. Including for example; hungry boards, machine bumpers, and cast sheets. We believe we will be able to develop and offer you a solution to your needs – with products up to FRAS standard.

We have maintained our certification since 2014 with the mine safety authority, as any certification dated prior has been deemed invalid.

We are currently successfully supplying products for underground mining applications and machines. Some of these products are hungry boards, machine bumpers, cast sheet, to mention a few.

With the range we offer in several compounds and colours, we believe we will be able to offer you a solution to suit your needs.

FRAS. FIre resistant anti-static

Don’t risk it – use FRAS. Contact us today to discuss your FRAS product requirements.

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