We specialise in producing polyurethane, rubber, foam and industrial plastics items.

We can manufacture your existing product or help you create a new one. Our team can work with you from the design stage through prototyping and production. Once we understand your specific needs, we can offer the best materials and the most cost-effective manufacturing processes available.

Utilise the experience of our team to choose the best polyurethane, rubber, foam and industrial plastics materials. Take advantage of our innovative production methods and tool designs to gain an advantage in your industry.

Brisbane polyurethane, industrial plastic & rubber product manufacturer

Our Facilities

The corporate office and manufacturing facility is located at Sumner Park, Brisbane. Our 2,000 square metre factory houses all the specialised equipment necessary to manufacture our world-class range of products.

From this location, the company has easy access to Air, Sea, Rail, and Road distribution networks to ensure products get to the client’s site as efficiently as possible.

Product Design

We are a complete solution provider for your mining needs. Our extensive experience with Industrial Plastics and Rubber materials coupled with our knowledge of most industries allows us to offer a product design service, which is very popular with all our leading customers. We offer:

  • Application study so we understand the problem and reason for the new product.
  • Specialized material selection from our range of Industrial Plastics, Cast Polyurethanes, and Rubber compounds to meet your individual needs.
  • CAD facility to draw and model the product so you understand our proposal and can request changes.
  • Prototyping with cost effective tooling before full production commences to save you money.
  • Field testing when possible.
  • Quality Assurance that your product will be made to the same quality and specifications every time.

Complete Service

While Plastics and Rubber are our specialities we also have experience in associated materials, which may be required to complete your project. We can design and manufacture associated brackets or inserts from mild steel, aluminium, or Stainless steel.

Custom Sizes

To meet the individual needs of your project we can custom cut or machine your products to your requirements.

Prompt Delivery

We pride ourselves on supplying the right product, on time, every time. We are conveniently located near multiple modes of transport to effectively ship your products when you have unexpected and urgent requirements.


Our commitment as a complete solution provider means that if you need an item that we don’t produce we are happy to source it for you. We have contacts to source most materials and products at cost effective rates.

Economical tooling

Sometimes the initial cost of tooling can make a new product unviable. When possible we can offer prototype style tooling to get the product made and tested. Once proven, we will provide you the most economical tooling solution to manufacture your product.

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