Workshop floor protection

Floor protection mats for workshops

December 17, 2021

Heavy machinery on concrete floors causing chaos in your workplace? Protect your workshop floor with National Plastics & Rubber floor protection mats.

National Plastics & Rubber’s range of workshop floor protection mats safeguard concrete flooring under the toughest conditions and the heaviest vehicle pressure. Our range of workshop floor protection mats are suitable for tracked equipment, such as dozers and excavators, as well as, an array of earthmoving equipment.

Our range of temporary surface protection, temporary roadways, and hard floor protection products are made from premium grade lightweight polyurethane; manufactured with heavy industry in mind.

National Plastics & Rubber’s workshop protection mats are lightweight, flexible, retain their shape, reduce trip hazards – saving on replacement costs down the track.

These mats can be used for workshop floor protection and heavy machinery protection – they are designed to be durable and tear resistant, with added UV protection, so won’t deteriorate over time in harsh environments.

National Plastics & Rubber’s commercial and industrial mats protect workshop floors from dozers and other heavy machinery that need to be moved around for machine maintenance, storage, or other requirements.

Dozer track floor protection mats

Our dozer floor protection mats provide the protection needed against the potential damage caused by heavy dozers and excavators driving onto concrete floors.

These entrance mats are a replacement for traditional conveyer belts, and other bulky ‘solutions’ – they prevent steel track damage. Made from lightweight polyurethane, our dozer floor protection mats are reduce workplace health and safety risks by creating a simple solution to an often laborious problem.

View our dozer mat here and check out our dozer maintenance mats here.

Outrigger pads

What are outrigger pads used for?

Outrigger pads are used to protect both floors and outrigger supports. National Plastics & Rubber’s outrigger pads create a larger and more stable surface area on hard surfaces and floors for outrigger supports.

Benefits of outrigger pads

Our outrigger pads are tough and durable, build to withstand the toughest conditions made out of oil resistant materials.

Minimise workplace health and safety risks with no splintering, or fire risk.

View outrigger pads. 

Ripper & Blade rest pads 

National Plastics & Rubber’s dozer ripper rest block has a high traction base, and a lightweight design.

Our ripper rest pad and blade rest pad are to be used in sets between the blade and the floor.

View ripper and blade rest pads.

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