Do wheel chocks really work?

December 22, 2021

National Plastics & Rubber Wheel Chocks are tough and durable with sizes to cover almost every application from your family car to the largest mining truck.

What is the purpose of wheel chocks?

Wheel chocks, also known as wheel stoppers, tire chocks and wheel blocks, are wedges placed in front and behind of wheels to prevent unwanted and accidental movement of vehicles.

Chocking your wheels ensures that – even if you forgot to put the hand brake on – your vehicle is not going anywhere.  Chocked wheels means wheels can’t roll.

Wheel stoppers find application in a wide range of circumstances, from family car wheel chocks, to heavy mining truck wheel chocks. NPR has a solution designed for every chocking requirement.

Metal wheel chocks, plastic wheel chocks, and rubber chocks have traditionally been used – however, National Plastics & Rubber have developed a lightweight alternative to these.

Our lightweight polyurethane wheel chocks are slip-resistant, durable, and impervious to chemicals and oils. These wheel chocks with handles make a great addition to your family car, or mining truck equipment.

Read more on the benefits of Australian manufactured polyurethane products.

Wheel chock. Vehicle wheel chock used on family car to prevent accidents

The importance of truck chocks

The regular and consistent use of heavy-duty wheel chocks for trucks promote a safe working environment. Workplace health and safety risks are reduced as the potential for accidents is minimised.

Our large wheel chocks have been designed with the heavy industry, mining, and construction in mind. The tire chocks have undergone extensive field testing and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Would you believe that a 14kg wheel chock can prevent the movement of a 250 ton truck!

Wheel chock on heavy mining mining truck. Large wheel chock for mining industry

Chock your wheels today with National Plastics & Rubber’s range of vehicle wheel chocks – the best wheel chocks Australia.

Contact us today for all your wheel chocking requirements. 

NPR also manufacture lightweight polyurethane aircraft wheel chocks – read more or view the range here.

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