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Cable & Hose Crossover

January 12, 2022

Looking for a heavy duty cable ramp? Want to ensure your cables, hoses and pipes are protected from the heaviest of vehicles – look no further than NPR!

National Plastics & Rubber have a wide range of cable protection and hose protection covers to suit every workplace – from the office to large mine sites.

Unlike plastic or rubber cable ramps, NPR manufactures our cable and hose crossovers from durable polyurethane.

Polyurethane is durable, corrosion resistant, and composed to withstand the toughest of conditions. Read more on the benefits of polyurethane products in our what is polyurethane blog.

What is a cable ramp?

Let’s start simple: a cable ramp – also referred to as a hose ramp, crossover, or cable cover – protects loose cables, hoses, and pipes from pedestrians and vehicles.

This prevents hoses from being clamped under the weight of a vehicle and bursting, or the flow of electrical current being interrupted.

Cable protectors also minimise occupational health and safety risks as trip hazards are reduced for pedestrians. A win-win!


What size cable cover / cable ramp I need?

NPR manufactures 3 sized of hose ramps and cable ramps.

Light duty cable & hose crossover

If you are seeking to protect cables from pedestrians – NPR recommends this lightweight cable walkover.

  • Length = 1200 mm
  • Width = 600 mm
  • Hight = 50 mm

Hinged lid cable ramp protector

NPR’s lightweight cable and hose crossover also features an option to be a flip top cable protector – providing easy access to cables, particularly useful in workshops.

  • Length = 1200 mm
  • Width = 525 mm
  • Hight = 55 mm

Check out the hinged lid hose & cable crossover.

hinged lid cable and hose crossover. Hose ramp, cable ramp, pipe protector

Medium duty cable & hose crossover

NPR’s medium duty electrical wire cover is suitable to protect cables from impact damage caused by light vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Length = 1200 mm
  • Width = 600 mm
  • Hight = 50 mm

Check it out here.

Heavy duty cable & hose crossover

This drive over cable protector is designed to protect large electrical cables in tough conditions. this cable protector can take the impact of trucks up to 630 ton!

Available in 3 configurations and sizes – view here.

Heavy duty cable protector. Hose ramp, cable ramp, electrical wire cover

Watch the cable cross overs in action!

View NPR’s full range of hose and cable protective covers here.

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