Prevent hose failures and hose abrasion. Protect hydraulic hoses from external abrasion using HoseMate

How to protect hydraulic hoses from abrasion using HoseMate

February 11, 2022

A hydraulic hose replacement as a result of hose failure can be expensive and time consuming to install – and can be avoided with correct preventative measures to stop hydraulic hose failures in the first place.

External abrasion: a common cause of hose failure

External abrasion occurs as a result of hose vibrations, friction and rubbing against other surfaces, such as more hoses.

Abrasion can lead to significant hydraulic hose damage, including; leakage, spills, and hose bursts.

External abrasion of hydraulic hoses significantly reduces your hoses service life, so it is important to find a practical solution.

How do you protect hydraulic hoses against abrasion?

There are a number of DIY abrasion resistant solutions one could use to protect hydraulic hoses in the workplace.

Some current solutions to external abrasions include:

Cable ties

Using cable ties to secure two hoses together can present more issues than first meets the eye.

Cable ties may be useful to position hydraulic hoses and keep them together, however cable ties are generally not heat or vibration stabilised. This means, when placed in extreme weather conditions, like those found on mine sites, the cable ties tend to snap off.

Cable ties present a further health and safety risk due to their sharp edges – employees have the potential to cut and injure themselves.

Spiral metal

Metal spirals protect a section of the hydraulic hose from abrasion.

This solution is limited by its size options, weight, and inability to hold and position hydraulic hoses. Fitting spiral metal can be a tricky task, and if done incorrectly can be the cause of many hand injuries.

Other metal fixings

Other optional solutions have the capacity to be conductive, hard to source, and costly to fit.

The best solution: HoseMateTM

Prevent hydraulic hose failure with HoseMate. Protect hydraulic hoses from external abrasion.

Protect hydraulic hoses against abrasion using HoseMateTM. HoseMateTM was purposely designed to address the issue of external abrasion, particularly against other hydraulic hoses.

HoseMateTM will outlast the life expectancy of hydraulic hoses and can be reused on another application – making it an environmentally friendly option.

The best way to protect hydraulic hoses from abrasion is with HoseMateTM

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