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Aviation wheel chocks – ramp safety vs. fast turnaround time

July 22, 2022

Ramp safety vs. fast turnaround of aircrafts – the big debate

The demand for a fast turnaround of aircrafts is ever-growing. Airlines, airports, as well as providers of ground and airport handling services are always on the search for new ideas on how to decrease aircraft turnaround times. With travel returning to pre-pandemic levels and airports experiencing growing congestion, the desire to have a plane turned around and ready to take off again is at the forefront of every airline – but where are the safety considerations? Should the safety of ground operations crew be compromised to achieve an efficient turnaround? Can a balance be struck with these competing demands – is a safety-oriented speedy-turnaround actually possible?

Read on to discover how Aerochock™ lightweight aviation wheel chocks have an important role to play in ramp safety and improving aircraft turnaround.

What is aircraft turnaround?

Airplane turnaround is the process of getting an aircraft ready for its next flight. Turnaround time is calculated from the aircrafts arrival at an airport to its next departure.

Aircraft turnaround operations consist of a range of activities and personnel including:

  • Ground handlers
  • Fuellers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Airline staff
  • Engineers
  • Airport security
  • Fire personnel

While aviation ramp procedures often strive to ensure these personnel work harmoniously together, in reality the complexity of ramp operations completed by numerous staff poses many safety concerns.


While an aircraft is stationary at an airport, it is unable to generate revenue for the airline. In fact, the airline is likely to incur more costs as a result of a grounded aircraft; airport fees, leasing fees, and the cost of a flight ticket had the plane been able to fly at that time.

Having an accurate and efficient aircraft turnaround time, also referred to as TAT, is important as it assists in the scheduling of flights, reliability of the airline, and ensuring to no flight delays.


As there are many factors influencing an airplane turnaround time, it is difficult to improve everything at once to lead to a shorter time.

One simple thing you can do, is use Aerochock™ – superior lightweight aviation wheel chocks – to secure the aircraft and prevent unwanted movement during aviation turnaround operations.

Improving airline turnaround strategies to allow for shorter flight turnaround times may allow an airline to offer another flight in a day, generating additional revenue.

What is ramp safety?

Ramp safety in aviation involves minimising workplace health & safety risks and hazards that present during ramp operations.

The Flight Safety Foundation estimates that 27,000 incidents occur globally each year on the ramp, resulting in 243,000 personal injuries and costing airlines up to $10 billion in damages.

These incidents are attributed to the complexity of ramp operations and:

  • Human error
  • Training deficits
  • Ramp congestion
  • Inadequate equipment maintenance

Where there are approximately 9 injuries per 1000 departures, it is evident that airlines should seek a balance between safety and a fast turnaround. While they may experience a financial loss with a stationary aircraft, the costs associated with unsafe operations can be detrimental to both the airline and staff.


Ramp safety awareness and speedy-turnaround desires both have the potential to balance each other out if they are given equal consideration in ground operation procedures. One simple thing can be done to achieve this: use Aerochock aircraft wheel chocks.

Aerochock™ can safely improve your aircraft turnaround time

Aerochock™s are designed to prevent the unwanted movement of narrow and wide body aircrafts during ramp and turnaround operations. These chocks keep safety at the forefront while still focusing on efficient turnaround times:

  • Lightweight design – up to 30% lighter than comparable chocks
  • Minimise workplace injuries and employee fatigue with lifting our lightweight chocks
  • FOD free – no nuts or bolts that can break free
  • Resistant to chemicals, fuels and oils
  • UV protected

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