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Dozer Ripper Frame Cover

March 15, 2023

National Plastics & Rubber are proud to launch our new Dozer Ripper Frame Cover

dozer ripper frame arm cover - lightweightOEMs, mine site maintenance crews, and workshop employees face the risky task of dozer maintenance on the daily. Safety managers are continuously seeking new ways to reduce hazards and the severity of the risks they present. Our new Ripper Frame Cover aims to create a safe work platform on the ripper arm.

Take the risk out of dozer maintenance with our load rated and lightweight Dozer Ripper Frame Cover. The ripper cover sits over the hole in the ripper frame and allows workers to perform all maintenance tasks without the hazard of falling through the hole.

Maintenance teams are currently using timber blocks and steel coverings to plug the hole. These “quick fixes” create additional risks for employees – they are heavy to manoeuvre, become a hazard for hand and finger injuries, as well as, crushing incidents.

earthmoving dozer ripper arm frame cover - dozer maintenanceAs a result, we developed a lightweight polyurethane Ripper Frame Cover designed to suit both Caterpillar (CAT) D10 and D11 dozers. Our cover allows you to perform all maintenance tasks without worrying about dodging the hole. Safely reach any overhead areas, hydraulics, and engine systems without risking a serious injury – crouch, lay, sit, or stand – it’s got you.

The cover features a number of benefits making it the superior choice for a safer workplace. Extra grip is provided with our patented high traction surface on the top of the cover. Independent and field tested, the cover is load rated up to 120kg – remaining stable with you and your tools on it.

Eliminating the risks associated with using steel coverings, our polyurethane cover is light enough (14kg) to be lifted overhead and slid into position by the maintenance crew before climbing on the ripper arm.

earthmoving dozer ripper arm cover


Lead the way for safety across your site – inquire today about our Dozer Ripper Frame Cover! Give us a call on 07 3279 3066 or email

PART NO: NPR08051-00

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