Heavy Duty cable and hose cover

Cross over to safety with NPR’s Heavy Duty Cable & Hose Crossover

June 13, 2023

National Plastics & Rubber are committed to creating safe worksites across the heavy industry. With over 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge, skills, and ingenuity to produce reliable products that achieve practical results.

One of our most trusted products, the Heavy Duty Cable & Hose Cross Over is just one example of our innovative solutions developed to improve site efficiency and help you cross over to the safe side.

Crossovers, also referred to as cable ramps, hose covers, and cable protectors, are designed to create a clear pathway with neatly organised cables elevated off the ground. We understand that unimpeded pedestrian and vehicle access across site is vital to reducing WH&S hazards, risks, and potential incidents.

NPR’s Heavy Duty Cable & Hose Crossover is designed to meet the demands of heavy industry operations and protect large diameter electrical cables and hoses. It is one of the only cross overs capable of protecting dragline cables with an outside diameter of up to 120mm. The load capacity of this Heavy Duty Crossover further ensures it can withstand the weight of rolling equipment, machines, and trucks up to 630 Ton GVM across site.

Hose & electrical cable cover crossover

Purposely manufactured from polyurethane, our Crossover is highly durable, tough & corrosion resistant. It is produced in bright orange for improved visibility, and to serve as a visual cue to workers – drawing attention to potential hazard and encouraging caution when crossing the protected area.

Dragline electrical cable cover crossover

Experience major cost savings when compared to equivalent steel covers which tend to be conductive and contain sharp edges. NPR’s Heavy Duty Polyurethane Crossover is the safe and cost effective solution.

NPR’s Cable & Hose Crossover is easy to install and maintenance free. Watch our how to use video.

Available as a 2 or 4 metre complete assembly. For more information or a quote give us a call on 07 3279 3066 or email sales@nationalplastics.net.au

We also supply Pedestrian (with hinged lid) and Light vehicle Cable Covers.

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