Alternatives to timber in shipbuilding

Timba™ Blocks – The load rated & lightweight shipyard solution

July 5, 2023

We are always amazed at the multiple uses for our load-rated Timba™ support Blocks.

Timba™ is a cost effective, lightweight, and load-rated alternative to timber in the workplace. Commonly used to support heavy equipment and machinery, Timba™ can also be used to support marine vessels – from pleasure boats and upwards!

Reduce shipyard maintenance risks with Timba Blocks

These Timba™ Blocks weigh 13kg and can hold an evenly distributed load of 36 ton.

NPR Timba™ Blocks are the lightweight alternative to handling timber across the shipyard. In comparison to heavy cumbersome wooden blocks weighing up to 80kg+, the Timba™ Blocks pictured above weigh only 13kg – and feature handles for ease of use. This reduces manual handling risks such as strain injuries, heavy lifting, splinters, and pinches.

Risks of timber in shipyards & shipbuilding

Example of wood used in a shipyard. No need for these heavy wooden blocks with Timba™!

To ensure load stability, our Timba™ Blocks are coated in Anti Slip paint and load-rated to 30kg per square cm. The pictured Blocks can take a maximum of 36 ton if the load is spread over the entire block surface. Timba™ Blocks can also be stacked to achieve required heights within reason and limits of the Load Rating. A compliance plate is fitted to each Block with a QR code that directs users to a Timba™ Load Calculator on our website. The Load Calculator will help you determine the maximum load permitted on each Block to allow you to get the most from the product.

Timba™ Blocks are proudly Australian made and tested to Australian standards A1170.0 and ASTM D1621-10.

With 8 different sizes available, we have a Timba™ Block to suit every use at your shipyard.

At NPR we give a ship about worker safety… Reduce shipyard maintenance risks, improve shipyard workplace safety, and eliminate the environmental impact of timber in shipbuilding.

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National Plastics & Rubber promotes safe working practices therefore, performing your own risk assessment is essential before using these products. 

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