Tray Support Blocks

Take the guess work out of supporting trays

  • Improve your workplace safety
  • Reduce service time – save $$$
  • Increase your workers confidence

Ideal for:

  • Providing safe access under tray
  • Allowing multiple maintenance tasks simultaneously
  • Providing a level tray work surface
  • Hoisting cylinder change outs

Our support block is:

  • Load rated
  • Built for purpose
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for most trucks

Multiple sizes available – see below:

Size 01

Part No. NPR06253-00
Suits mine trucks:
CAT 793, CAT 789, CAT 785, CAT 777, CAT 730E
Haul Truck tray support block 02

Size 02

Part No. NPR05233-00
Suits mine trucks:
CAT 793, Komatsu 830E, Komatsu 930E
Haul Truck Tray Block 03

Size 03

Part No. NPR06358-00
Suits mine trucks:
Terex MT4400, Liebherr T282C
Lightweight truck tray support block

Size 05

Part No. NPR07087-00
Suits mine trucks:
CAT 795
Truck tray support block lightweight 07

Size 07

Part No. NPR07678-00
Suits mine trucks:
CAT 797
Truck body tray support block - 09

Size 09

Part No. NPR08172-00
Suits mine trucks:
CAT 789
Mining truck tray maintenance support block

Size 10

Part No. NPR08264-00
Suits mine trucks:
CAT 796
Mine haul truck tray maintenance support block - 11

Size 11

Part No. NPR08270-00
Suits mine trucks:
Hitachi EH5000
Tray Support Block Size 14

Size 14

Part No. NPR08542-00
Suits mine trucks:
Komatsu HD1500 & HD785
Tray Support Block Size 16

Size 16

Part No. NPR08531-00
Suits mine trucks:
Hitachi EH4000
Tray Support Block Size 17

Size 17

Part No. NPR08584-00
Suits mine trucks:
Leibherr T264
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