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Dozer maintenance solutions

February 4, 2022

Have planned maintenance scheduled for your dozer fleet? Looking to reduce safety risks associated with servicing a dozer? NPR has a dozer maintenance solution.

How do you service a dozer?

While you may have procedures in place to maintain your dozer with a quick turnaround, have you considered the safety implications?

Planning dozer maintenance requires much more thought than developing a process to diagnose issues. Your number once concern should be the safety of employees performing the bulldozer maintenance and reducing WHS risks. Working on heavy machinery poses a number of risks to those in and around the workshop, and solutions should be sought to reduce these risks as much as possible.

NPR’s solution: dozer maintenance mats

Dozer mats sit over the dozer tracks, providing maintenance workers with a secure, non-slip platform to stand on – workplace health and safety risks are significantly reduced as trip hazards are minimised. This dozer maintenance platform is manufactured from durable polyurethane materials, and easy to fit.

These mats are used during common dozer maintenance activities. Most importantly, they easily allow employees to easily access to dozer cabins.

Dozer Maintenance Mat

Dozer maintenance in the field

Maintaining your dozer in the field just got easier with dozer maintenance mats. The hinged dozer maintenance mat is designed to be folded up and transported to a dozer – yes it can fit in the back of a ute!

dozer maintenance made easy - hinged dozer maintenance mat

Watch the dozer maintenance mat in action.

Dozer maintenance tips

NPR has a range of dozer maintenance solutions

Floor protection mats

Our range of floor protection mats protect concrete workshop floors when dozers are rolled in and maintenance performed.

View the range here.

Read more in our floor protection blog.

Workshop floor protection

Dozer lift pads

Simply walk the dozer onto the pad for easy access to rollers, caps, and bogie pads. Manufactured from durable and heavy duty polyurethane.

Dozer lift pads

Contact NPR today to discuss your dozer maintenance requirements.

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