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How mudflaps benefit your trucks

March 9, 2022

There are many purchases you can make to enhance your truck fleet, all that come with a price tag – so you may have wondered, are mudflaps worth it?

Mudflaps are designed to protect your vehicle. A great investment to ensure your trucks are not damaged by mud, dirt, and rocks that are flung up while driving in extreme conditions.

What do mudflaps protect?

Do mudflaps stop rocks?

Mudflaps protect from rocks – they prevent and reduce stones from chipping the undercarriage of large haul and dump trucks. While damage from small stones may appear trivial and small at first – it can have long term effects on the performance of your vehicle. Even a small rock that hits just the wrong spot on a truck, can cause serious damage.

Mudflaps not only guard your vehicle, but those around. Surrounding vehicles are protected from loose kicked up rock – the ultimate solution to protect your truck suite.

Prevent machine downtime and increase machine availability with National Plastics & Rubber’s FlexiflapTM mudflaps.

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Do mudflaps prevent rust?

Mud flaps help prevent rust, water and mud from splashing on your trucks. Mudguards are the only way to ensure water is not splashed on the undercarriage of your fleet. Although haul trucks are often high off the ground, the rough terrain they encounter means the potential for water damage still exists.

Instead of wondering ‘do mudflaps make a difference?’ – see the difference for yourself with NPR’s FlexiflapTM large vehicle mudflaps.

Are plastic or rubber mudflaps better?

Both plastic and rubber mudflaps benefit different vehicles – plastic mud flaps for light vehicles, and rubber for heavier vehicles and trucks.

Plastic was traditionally used due to its inexpensive nature and wide availability to source. However, rubber mudflaps have recently gained popularity as they tend to be more durable and flexible.

With this in mind, National Plastics & Rubber developed FlexiflapTM mudflaps for heavy vehicles.

Introducing: FlexiflapTM

FlexiflapTM is a durable material manufactured from industrial rubber. It is used to fabricate lightweight heavy vehicle mud flaps. NPR’s Mudguards made from FlexiflapTM  are PVC coated, impact & fire resistant, and contains cross woven reinforcing fabric

FlexiflapTM – the best material for mud flaps.  

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What size mudflaps do I need?

How wide is a truck mudflap?

The width of a truck mudflap is customisable depending on the size of the truck and brand – NPR can manufacture FlexiflapTM custom truck mud flaps Australia to suit Hitachi, Komatsu, and Caterpillar haul and dump trucks.

National Plastics & Rubber has a range of big mud flaps for sale. View our website for FlexiflapTM mudflap sizes. FlexiflapTM  mudflap material can be purchased in rolls per metre, or standard 30metres – at a width of 1200mm or 1830mm.

Contact NPR today to discuss your truck mudflap requirements!

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