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Manufacturing Capabilities: Recoating an 11 ton Roller

March 31, 2023

National Plastics & Rubber are the largest Brisbane-based polyurethane solution providers. We specialise in industrial polyurethane products that provide innovative solutions to the heavy industry. Working with leading mining clients, OEMs, and industry professionals – we have developed a range of globally trusted products, including wheel chocks and load-rated cribbing blocks. Read more about the benefits of polyurethane compared to rubber or plastics.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we harnessed the benefits of polyurethane and recognised its ability to provide quality safety, reliability, and productivity solutions to our clients across the mining, construction, earthmoving, and aviation industries – to name a few.

Recently, we worked with one of our large manufacturing clients to recoat one of their critical production rollers. With the roller measuring 6 metres in length, and weighting 11 ton, the project demonstrates our unique capabilities as a leader in the polyurethane industry. Impeccable coordination, quality control, and manpower were required to successfully pour over 300kg of polyurethane under time constraint.

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Our production team take great pride in producing quality polyurethane products for the heavy industry. Our polyurethane is mixed through a specialised dispensing machine on-site to ensure stringent quality control measures are met. We conduct regular pressure and sample testing, as well as independent reports to guarantee the quality of every product produced.

polyurethane product testing

NPR are proud to be a leading polyurethane solution manufacturer and one of the only companies capable of servicing large equipment alongside our high-volume production capabilities.

For more information on collaboration opportunities – contact National Plastics & Rubber.

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