Developed from the ground up.

Replace traditional cribbing, gluts, and dunnage with NPR’s interlocking stabilisation blocks: Stacko™.

What are cribbing blocks?

Cribbing blocks, also referred to as gluts and dunnage, are wood and timber blocks stacked up to create a jacked stabilisation platform for equipment.

What is cribbing used for?

The purpose of cribbing is to create a temporary structure to hold and stabilise heavy objects. Cribbing and dunnage is used across a range of industries – we commonly see wood dunnage and blocks used to support machinery during manufacturing, maintenance, or repair.

Stacko™ are the ultimate jacking and support blocks for heavy equipment and machinery. Manufactured from high quality UV stabilised polyurethane materials, Stacko™ Blocks are the superior alternative to traditional timber blocks. Stacko™ will perform to expectations for the long term.

  • Load rated with laboratory & independent testing
  • Up to 30% lighter than timber & other products
  • Interlocking design for added safety
  • Many configurations for various applications
  • Resistant to oil & most workshop chemicals

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Stacko block - alternative to timber stacking blocks
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