Single Stacko™ Block

Configuration 1 - NPR05007-00

Used as a single block or build a multi block stack up to 150cm (60″) high.

Minimum Load Area at Maximum Load Rating
Round - 10cm(4inch)
Square - 10cm x 10cm (4x4inch)
Area - 100sq cm (16sq inch)
Load Rating
30kg/sq cm (426 psi)
Maximum Load
23,000kg (50,600 lbs)
  • Tested to AS1170.0 2002 with 3:1 Load safety factor at temperature range of -50C (-58F) to 40C (104F)
  • Up to 150cm (60″) high at maximum load rating. (3 blocks per layer)
  • Higher stacks and stacks with 2 blocks per layer can be built for lighter loads but is not recommended.

The Superior Alternative

With components to suit all different types of load weight, sizes and shapes, Stacko™ Blocks truly are a superior alternative to traditional wood blocks.

  • Load Rated
  • Lightweight
  • Interlocking design for added safety
  • UV Stabilised
  • Configuration to suit different loads
  • Manufactured from durable polyurethane materials

View NPR’s Stacko™ start up kit.

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