Stacko Blocks – the superior alternative to timber support blocks

January 5, 2022

Using traditional timber blocks for stacking and supporting in your workshop? Meet StackoTM Blocks – the superior alternative support block.

Workshop blocks have many applications from machinery supports during equipment maintenance, or simply acting as an extra hand when holding something up – so it is important your choice of supports is long lasting, durable, and lightweight.

Wood blocks and timber blocks post significant hazards to employees – potential splitting, splintering and rot problems lead to numerous OHS concerns, and impact your workplace risk assessment.

Using timber blocks to support equipment or chock up equipment off the ground also creates unnecessary risk. For example, the makeshift structure may collapse from added weight that the timber is not designed to withstand. This may lead to serious injury or even death.

While these blocks may work as a short term solution or be a leaned lazy habit of employees, wooden support blocks are often not load rated or extensively tested.

Ensure your workshop safety is not compromised with StackoTM blocks.

StackoTM was cleverly configured with ease of use in mind. These plastic support blocks can be likened to Lego building blocks. Simply stack and interlock to create carefully calculated load rated blocks.

Played with Lego as a kid? StackoTM is just as simple – only stronger and more durable. Anyone can use it!

StackoTM  Blocks created for the heavy machinery industry. The unique features of StackoTM support blocks make it suitable for use in the mining industry, construction industry, factories, warehouses, workshop, and mechanicss:

  • Laboratory tested to AS1170
  • UV stabilized
  • Independently certified
  • Resistant to oil and most chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • Hi-Vis yellow

Did you StackoTM even has a configuration specifically designed for cylindrical pipe support? View it here.

StackoTM and the mining industry

Jacking and lifting mining equipment and earthmoving equipment is risky business!

Just one example of StackoTM’s wide use in the mining is on mining trucks during maintenance. Use StackoTM support blocks to hold equipment, parts, and tools in place.

As per the StackoTM user guide, ensure the large mining truck is secure and unable to move before using StackoTM support products. Ensure unwanted movement of vehicles with National Plastics & Rubber’s lightweight polyurethane wheel chocks.

Read more on StackoTM here.

StackoTM Blocks – the superior alternative. Contact us today to discuss your support block needs.

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