timber blocks v timba blocks. The superior alternative - durable polyurethane

Timber blocks vs Timba blocks

January 21, 2022

TimbaTM another alternative to timber blocks.

Last week NPR’s blog took a look at our StackoTM Blocks – this week we delve into TimbaTM Blocks.

Both these products are superior alternatives to traditional timber supports or wooden block supports.

The danger of using timber

Wood, dunnage, and other forms of timber have long been used as jacking devices and machinery supports.

While this may seem like a simple solution at the time of use, it can have detrimental affects on workplace health and safety.

Structural integrity of timber

When an employee uses a random piece of timber to support equipment, it is highly unlikely that they are aware of its origin or composition.

The structural integrity – or lack thereof – is unknown, and it is not manufactured to withstand extreme conditions. in extreme cold, for example, timber becomes brittle and in heat it absorbs the moisture – adding to the safety risks. Put simply: timber is unpredictable.

Australian Mining highlights these risks, notably the splits and cracking of wood under extreme pressure and conditions.

timber support blocks vs timba support blocks

Can wood be load bearing?

Unless configured and engineered to a tee – put simply no. Wood, timber and dunnage are not designed to bear strenuous weight, particularly not that of machines or large mining equipment.

Jacking and supporting equipment, machinery, and earthmoving equipment in the mining industry is inherently dangerous. Wooden blocks add to this danger as they were not designed to stabilise heavy equipment. Timber is not fit for this purpose.

Heavy equipment supports should only be manufactured from a load rated material – such as NPR’s TimbaTM Blocks.

timber supports vs timba supports. durable polyurethane machine and equipment supports

Risks posed to employees

If you’ve read this far – you can take a guess at some of the potential health and safety risks posed to employees from using timber blocks, whether in the workshop or onsite.

Equipment sliding, falling and collapsing off makeshift wooden blocks and supports can cause serious injury or death.

In fact, many State Coroners across Australia have attributed poor quality support stands and unsafe usage to workplace deaths in the general mining industry.

So what’s the alternative?

TimbaTM Blocks: the superior alternative to wooden support blocks.

TimbaTM Blocks are manufactured from durable polyurethane, lightweight, and resistance to fuel, oil & chemicals.

Unlike wood, TimbaTM Blocks will not split, splinter or warp.

NPR’s TimbaTM Blocks are load rated – view the load calculator here.

I want to support some big and heavy machinery

Check out NPR’s StackoTM Block Kits.

Read more in our Stacko blog. 

Contact us today to discuss our wooden block alternatives.

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